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Laser Skin Resurfacing

Cosmetic facial surgery took a giant step forward just a few short years ago with the addition of laser procedures.

While facelift, eyelid and browlift surgery are excellent techniques for correcting sagging muscles and skin, these procedures do little to address the problem of surface wrinkles. Certain wrinkle lines are now treatable with a carbon dioxide skin resurfacing laser, such as:

  • Lip creases

  • Perioral creases (deep expression lines that curve from the nose to the mouth)

  • Crow's feet at the corners of the eyes

  • Wrinkle lines of the cheeks and forehead

The Dunagan, Yates & Alison Cosmetic Surgery Center was the first in North Alabama to permanently maintain a CO2 laser on site. Lasers work by removing the outer layer of damaged skin. This produces a raw surface that is treated with gentle cleansings and application of laser medication. The skin rapidly regenerates over a period of seven to ten days and has a younger and smoother look.

Most patients will perceive a 50% to 75% improvement in the appearance of their wrinkles. The initial healed skin is pink and this redness persists for a period of a few weeks to months, but can be covered with make-up.

Laser techniques have become an indispensable tool for providing a good final result. Many patients who seek total facial rejuvenation are choosing to complement their facial surgery with the finishing techniques of the laser. You will notice laser skin resurfacing mentioned often in the before and after descriptions of just about every facial surgery example we show.

Patient 1, Surgeon: Dr. Dunagan

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