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Otoplasty is ear surgery that sets large or prominent ears closer to the head.

Children with large ears are often subjected to ridicule from other children, and even adults. This can produce psychological stress and self consciousness. Many children carry these sensitivities with them into adulthood.

Surgical correction of oversized ears is very effective. We often perform otoplasty on small children because the ear reaches 80 percent of full growth by the time a child is six. Since there is no age limit on the success of otoplasty, many adults also elect to have the procedure.

Parents often ask us what age is best for correcting the ears. Since the ears achieve 80% of their growth by the time is 5 to 6 years of age, this is an appropriate time to consider correction. Typically, at this young age, children have not developed a degree of body awareness such that they are self conscious about such imperfections. By performing correction at this age, many children can avoid ridicule and comments that will begin a few short years later.

After initial evaluation, we typically prepare an insurance letter to receive preauthorization for the procedure. Children tolerate the surgery very well and there is very little discomfort associated with otoplasty.

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure that completes the developmental process by creating a center fold behind the ears. The ears are placed in a more natural relationship to the head and overall facial balance and harmony is restored. There are no adverse effects on hearing abilities because otoplasty does not involve the inner ear structures.

Before & After
Before otoplasty.

After otoplasty the ears have been repositioned to a more natural position closer to the head.
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