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Lip Augmentation

There are many products available, both natural and synthetic (including collagen) which can provide nice improvement for wrinkle lines and help accentuate the fullness of the lips, though the results are considered to be temporary.

One product that is extremely safe and which provides excellent and long lasting results is obtained from your own body--your own fatty tissues. Fat can be withdrawn from an area where there is excess available (most of us have some available). The fat is prepared and then is instilled using very small cannulaes to help smooth out wrinkle lines, provide fuller lips, and improve contour in other specific areas.

Because the fat is your own tissue, there is no rejection of the material. Some of the fat will naturally absorb through some of the local fat and provides at least some permanent correction of the areas being treated. It is somewhat unpredictable as to how much fat will reabsorb, and sometimes an additional treatment is necessary in the future. Because we realize some of the fat will be reabsorbed, we often slightly over fill the area in anticipation of this. Thus the treated area may be too full initially, and it make take three to four weeks to assume a more normal contour. It is also normal to have some bruising or redness after the treatment.

The wrinkle lines that occur around the mouth can be very prominent and are problematic for patients who have these. We have found that a combination of fat injections and laser resurfacing can be very effective in helping reduce these wrinkle lines and at the same time provide a contour for the lips that is much more youthful in appearance. As we age, we lose volume in our lips and the lips become thinner. Additionally we lose the natural curve from the white portion of the lip to the red portion of the lip. These features can be restored very nicely with fat injections.

Fat injections, or fat grafting as we commonly call it, is usually a recommended component of total facial rejuvenation. Restoring the lips to youthful fullness and plumping up the strong nasio-labial fold that curves from the nose to the mouth provides important improvement to overall facial balance and appearance.

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