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Our dedicated, professional staff will provide you with expert care. The nursing staff is specifically trained in outpatient procedures and caring for plastic surgery patients. For on-site surgery, we have a certified registered nurse anesthetist on staff.

Many of our nurses have earned the designation of Certified Plastic Surgery Nurse. Certification requires hours of extra education, at least two years of experience and meeting extensive testing requirements.

Our highly skilled medical team will gladly answer any question you have. The will also be your biggest cheerleaders. If you ever have any questions after you get home from an office visit, feel free to leave a voice mail with one of the nurses you saw that day.

* Dr. Dunagan’s team leader: Cynthia King, R.N.
* Dr. Yates’ team leader: Cindy Thomas, R.N.
* Dr. Alison’s team leader: Krista Martin, R.N.


Our support staff are here to help you have a pleasant and convenient surgery experience. They have years of experience in dealing with insurance issues, scheduling and patient care. If you have any questions, feel free to call our office and speak to one of the following specialists:

Office Manager:

Noel McCalister

Surgery Scheduling:

* For Dr. Dunagan: Kim Polson
* For Dr. Yates: Bette Keane
* For Dr. Alison: Janice Martin

For Dr. Dunagan: Gina Hubbard
For Dr. Yates: Mona Looser
For Dr. Alison: Mary Jones

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