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Body Contouring & Breast Reduction • Dr. Alison

"Managing my weight has been a life-long battle, and several months ago I reached my goal of losing 90 pounds. I have been blessed with good health and am thankful that with the weight loss, my blood pressure and cholesterol levels are perfect.

Surprisingly, my breast size did not decrease, and I still experienced neck and back discomfort and ever-deepening ridges in my shoulders. In addition, my abdominal skin sagged and no amount of exercise would change that. Despite having accomplished my goal, I was disappointed that smaller sized clothing still did not fit properly.

During my yearly physical exam, my family doctor praised my accomplishments, but also sensed that I was not as pleased with myself as he expected I would be. He took my hand, looked me straight in the eyes, and said, "Janet, you have done the work and you deserve to feel confident about your appearance. What do you think about a consult with a plastic surgeon?" After a discussion with him about breast reduction and removal of sagging abdominal skin, I asked him to make the call to whomever he would refer a member of his family. He indicated he would unquestionably call Dunagan, Yates, and Alison. It was at this point the journey toward having the body that I never thought was possible began.

Dr. Alison and his staff expertly guided me through the surgical process. At my first post-op appointment with him, I told him my family reports the only time I am not smiling is when I am asleep! That smile is what my family doctor knew was missing two months earlier.

Now that my body is properly proportioned, my back and neck pain have disappeared and I am more self-confident than I have ever been in my life. There are moments that I look at myself and realize the breasts I developed in 5th grade are mine again, and below is the flat tummy I have never had in my entire life. Yes, I did the weight loss work, but I would not be the confident woman I am today without Dr. Alison's help.

There are no words I know to adequately thank him and his team of professionals for what they have done for me, my health, and my self-esteem.

Without a doubt, he is the gifted plastic surgeon to whom I would send my family member or friend. "

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