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Along with a personalized at-home skin care routine, we usually recommend a regular program of light facial peels. Light peels will help accelerate the effectiveness of your products by opening up the skin and helping it absorb the products.

Light peels work by gently removing dead skin cells. The regular removal of dead skin layers means the skin health products are always working on the healthiest skin. Peels also provide the added benefit of a generalized tightening of the skin which makes it look smoother and more supple.

We offer a wide variety of light peel procedures, most of which cause very little skin irritation or peeling. A skin health specialist who is closely monitoring your unique combination of products will be in the best position to recommend a peel depending on where you are in achieving your goals.

Light fruit acid peels can be a routine part of maintaining a normal, healthy skin appearance. Many patients enjoy having a light peel as a quick perk-up several days before a major event such as a wedding or class reunion.

Peels aren't necessarily limited to the face. We have many patients who enjoy the benefits of a peeling treatment applied to the neck, hands or forearms. A light peel in these areas fosters smooth, supple skin.

Light Peels We Offer:

  • Eight different peels from Physician's Choice of Arizona
  • Illuminize and Vitalize Peels from Skin Medica to improve acne, pigment and skin texture


We also offer more aggressive peels that do cause redness, irritation and peeling. The benefit of these temporary inconveniences is they help achieve a final result much quicker by generating more new skin.

We often like to use a slightly more aggressive peel to jumpstart correction, then use a lighter peel for routine maintenance. A more aggressive peel is often needed to correct uneven pigmentation or coarse skin.

Medium Peels We Offer:

  • Ultra Peel Forte by Physician's Choice, a TCA blended peel
  • Rejuvenize Peel from Skin Medica
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