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A wide variety of products can be tailored to your condition

The best skin care regimen is one that works below the skin's surface rejuvenating cell growth. In order for a product to penetrate the skin's surface and work on the underlying support structure, the concentration of active ingredients must be high enough to be effective. Most over-the-counter skin products are not strong enough to do the job.

When using effective products on your skin, you should be monitored regularly by a medical professional trained in skin care.

The Dunagan, Yates & Alison Skin Health & Laser Center offers a variety of "skin health" programs that are excellent for creating and maintaining healthy skin.

The Center is staffed by skin health specialists, registered medical professionals with special training in the use of these products.

These products are so effective that we use them as an important part of before and after surgical care because they greatly enhance the healing process and help achieve better surgical results.


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