Patient Stories

Patient Stories

I had my doubts that any product could extend the growth of my lashes. But, I have had dramatic results.

I've stopped spending tons of money on department store mascaras, primers and conditioners. Now, I buy Latisse and use inexpensive mascaras because my lashes are naturally long.


Skin Health

After having spent several summers working in a commercial vineyard, my skin was starting to show the ravages of sunlight exposure.

I was unaware, at that time, of the need for daily sunscreen usage, and because I was young it didn't occur to me that I needed skin care other than regular cleansing. I started coming to DYA back in 1993, when their skin health program was new.

I have been a regular patient ever since, always making sure to use sunscreen each morning, even when I was only going to work, and following the skin care regimen prescribed by the staff. I have been very happy with the results I've experienced, and find that people often comment on the appearance of my skin.

I recently saw these before and after photos, again, and was "blown away" by the obvious improvement. These two photos were taken more than 7 years apart.

The results were gradual, so you might not think something is working, but be patient!

As you can see it really does. You just have to follow your instructions!!



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