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Skin Health & Laser Center

About the Center: Uncovering your natural beauty

More and more, people are turning to medical science for ways to look as healthy as possible. As part of our mission to help people improve their appearance, we decided to concentrate all our non-surgical treatments within a Center adjacent to our surgical facilities. The Skin Health & Laser Center is owned and operated by the surgeons of the Dunagan, Yates & Alison Plastic Surgery Center.

The Skin Health & Laser Center offers a range of skin health, wellness and laser services, all designed to help improve your appearance and long-term health. Services include:

Skin Health: We carry a wide variety of at-home skin care products that offer medically based treatments for creating healthy skin. We also offer in-office skin peeling treatments and botanical masks which boost the effectiveness of the at-home programs.

Wrinkle and Skin-tightening Treatments:
Injections with products like Botox© Cosmetic, Juvéderm© Injectable Gel, Radiesse and even your own fat can produce significant results with minimal or no downtime.

Laser Treatments: Laser light energy, like what is used by our Fraxel Laser, can effectively treat pigmentation problems and produce healthier skin. Our lasers can also treat spider veins on the face and legs, remove hair and stimulate collagen production for improved facial appearance.

Wellness: Creating and maintaining long-term health is an important goal. High-quality nutritional intake is crucial, so we offer specialized vitamin programs to support surgical patients and skin health programs.

Contact us at 256-532-2383 to schedule your skin health care appointment.

Effective 4.17.17 we are implementing a $25 charge for Skin Health and Laser no show appointments and cancellations with less than 24 hrs notice.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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