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Eye Lid Surgery, Surgeon: Dr. Alison

"I had such thick eyelids, it was interfering with my vision."

Patient's Story
I went to see Dr. Alison because I thought my eyes just looked so horrible. I had one of the Information Books and I really studied the photos and descriptions and thought surgery would help. Dr. Alison told me that my problem was thick eyelid skin and that surgery would eliminate it. He also said that my skin was so thick that it was interfering with my vision and that insurance would probably pay for it. We filed a letter of determination with the insurance company, but they turned it down. But I decided to go ahead and do it anyway, because I thought it looked so bad.

Before & After

Before blepharoplasty.

Heavy upper lids corrected (which you can really see in the side view) and the slightly bulging tissue under the eyes was eliminated.

Before (side) After (side)

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