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Facial Surgery: Turning Back the Clock

Most patients who visit us for facial surgery have a specific area of concern. They may note their eyes give them a tired look or they have sagging skin along the jawline or in the neck area. They may notice a combination of aging changes that makes them look older than they feel. Perhaps they are concerned about the shape and appearance of their nose, prominent ears, or a recessive chin.

Some patients undergo individual procedures to help address specific concerns. Sometimes a combination of procedures will provide a more desired result. Upper lid blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) removes sagging skin of the upper eyelids. Lower lid blepharoplasty removes sagging skin and also remodels or removes the fatty tissue that gives the lower eyelids a tired puffy appearance. A face and neck lift can restore a more youthful oval contour to the face, eliminate the jowls along the jawline area and produce a very nice tightening of the neck resulting in a defined transition from chin and jawline to the neck area. A rhinoplasty reshapes the nose, while an otoplasty reduces prominence of the ears. There are many other individual operations such as browlift to elevate the forehead, cheek lift to elevate the cheek area, placement of a chin implant for a recessive chin, laser resurfacing to erase lines and wrinkles, and fat injections to further help reduce the lines and wrinkles and provide fuller lips.

If the patient is concerned about aging changes that affect the entire face, a total facial rejuvenation can be accomplished by combining endoscopic assisted forehead lift, upper lid blepharoplasty, lower lid blepharoplasty, cheek lift, face and neck lift, selective laser resurfacing and fat injections.

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