Breast Lift

A mastopexy is a breast lift. Sagging breasts are often the result of weight loss, pregnancy, breast feeding, or the aging process. Women seek a breast lift at any age, but oftentimes, women who have recently completed their families are interested in a breast lift to help improve the shape and appearance of their breasts.

Mastopexy may involve lifting and reshaping of the existing breast tissue only, or may also combine placement of a breast implant. Incisions for the mastopexy procedure may be limited to around the areola margins or may also be placed underneath the areola and in the crease lines of the breasts depending on the extent of the lift needed. The stretched excess skin is removed, the breasts are re-shaped, and the nipple is re-positioned to a more youthful position. The nipple remains attached to the underlying breast tissue and thus nipple sensitivity is almost always preserved. Oftentimes the areola margins are reduced in size to fit the more appropriately shaped breast.

Breast implants may be used in combination with mastopexy to help replace lost breast volume and to give a fuller, firmer appearance, particularly at the upper aspect of the breasts.

We have choosen to include a few photos of breast surgery on our website. Our free Information Book contains many more patient examples, showing a wide variety of pre- and post-surgical body shapes.

Patient 1, Surgeon:  Dr. Dunagan

Before & After
Before After
Before breast lift. Breast lift restored youthful shape and fullness to the breasts.
Before (side) After (side)


Patient 2, Surgeon: Dr. Yates

Before & After
3 190x215 4 190x188
5 6

Patient 3, Surgeon: Dr. Alison

Before & After
1 190x143 2 190x143
3 190x254 4 190x254
5 190x254 6 190x254
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