Staff Spotlight: Diane Tyler


Over the years, our staff has gotten rave reviews and warm accolades for their special mix of kindess, professionalism and knowledge. We are grateful to have such a wonderful team and thought we'd share a bit about some of them here. First up is Diane Tyler, RN, and director of our Skin Health and Laser Center.

First up is Diane Tyler, RN, Skin Health and Laser Center Director, Laser and Skin Health Specialist

Diane says she was a "late bloomer," becoming a nurse at 32 after staying at home with her two children until they started to school. "Then it was my turn," she says.

After graduating from nursing school and working in a hospital setting for a few years, Diane decided to make a change and, in stroke of good luck, crossed paths with a plastic surgery group in Sarasota, Florida. "I looked in the phone book to see where I might like to work, saw the group whose name and reputation I recognized, and made a call. The office manager answered the phone and said, 'How did you know we were looking for an office nurse?' They had been looking for a while, and they took a chance on me."  Diane was the only nurse in the office, so she had the opportunity to learn a great deal from the three top-notch plastic surgeons in that group.  "We spent 9 very rewarding years together," she says.

Then Diane met het life partner, Tom. After a couple years together, they decided to move to a mountain top in Alabama, where Tom started his life. After settling in for a bit, Diane again picked up the telephone book and had another stroke of luck. "This venture took me to Dunagan Yates & Alison Plastic Surgery Center, and believe it or not, the office manager answered my initial call. A nurse who was an integral part of the Skin Health department had just given her resignation that day. Within 2 weeks I was working, again in the top notch plastic surgery practice in the area."

Ten years later, Diane became the director of the department, which has expanded from two skin health treatment rooms to two suites of treatment rooms, and where all types of laser treatments are provided, including Fraxel, hair removal, leg vein treatments, red and brown spot treatments, skinhealth treatments, Ulthera non-surgical facial tightening, Coolsculpting body contouring, and a plethora of excellent at home skin-health products that help maintain the results of the treatments DYA provides.  "We currently have an all RN staff of 4, and 3 receptionists," says Diane, "Luckily, I once again found another work 'home and family.' Without the reputation and support of our three excellent physicians, Deason Dunagan, MD, Michael Yates, MD and William Alison, MD and their staff, the Skin Health and Laser Department would not be the fine Center it is today."


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