LifeSculpt™ with SlimLipo™

What is LifeSculpt™ with SlimLipo™?

The newest generation of liposuction is through laser assistance.  Dunagan, Yates and Alison uses the LifeSculpt™ procedure with the SlimLipo™ system.

The LifeSculpt™ procedure uses an advanced laser body sculpting system called SlimLipo™, which features fat "melting" laser wavelengths that gently liquefy fat. The liquefied fat is then permanently removed from the body, using a medical suction device, through a few tiny incisions.

Because LifeSculpt is gentle on the body, physicians usually use only a local anesthesia, allowing you to stay awake and quickly resume your normal daily activities. Of course, every patient and procedure is different, so talk this over with us to see what works best for you.

The SlimLipo laser used in the LifeSculpt procedure is cleared by the United States of America Food and Drug Administration for laser-assisted lipolysis.

Is LifeSculpt Laser Body Sculpting Right For Me?

LifeSculpt™ is for men and women with areas of unwanted fat they want to get rid of quickly — particularly challenging areas that don't respond to diet and exercise. We will help you determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure but typically our patients are:

  • In good physical health and regularly exercise
  • Within about 25 pounds of their ideal weight
  • Looking to target localized, stubborn fat deposits

LifeSculpt may be the right body sculpting and skin tightening choice for you if you are looking for:

  • A minimally-invasive treatment to remove excess fat build-up in a particular area of the body.
  • A fat removal and skin tightening treatment that requires limited downtime.
  • Permanent removal of the treated fat cells from specific areas of your body.

If you want to know whether LifeSculpt with SlimLipo is right for you, call us to schedule a consultation.  Our office number is 256-536-4448 or 800-949-4448

SlimLipo removed fat in the lower abdomen creating a flatter tummy.

SlimLipo was used on the abdomen, iliac crest, inner/outer thighs and upper back creating definition and smoother contour of torso, hips, thighs.

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