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locations_maindoorOur office is located in downtown Huntsville at Park Plaza. Our office has a private entrance, plenty of free parking and a quiet wooded surrounding. For our patients’ convenience, we have divided our medical services between first and second floor suites:



locations_bedroomSuite 1421
Downstairs: Patient Surgery/Recovery
Patients scheduled for surgery will check in with the first floor receptionist (Suite 1421). Our comfortable and private overnight accommodations are also housed on the first floor adjacent to our surgical suites. We will also see you downstairs for your first few weeks after surgery to remove any stitches and check your recovery progress. We have a private entrance for surgery and post-operative patients to make your post-surgery visits more comfortable. Your nurse will show you this entrance prior to your scheduled surgery date.

locations_consultdoorUpstairs: Plastic Surgery Patient Consultations
All new patients (except for Skin Health & Laser Center patients) should come up to our second floor offices for doctor/nurse consultations. A sign downstairs at the entrance will indicate if your surgeon is seeing patients upstairs or downstairs on the day of your visit. IF you have a disability that interferes with your ability to climb stairs, please let us know prior to your initial appointment and we will make arrangements to meet with you downstairs.

locations_skindoorSuite 1532
Upstairs: Skin Health & Laser Center
For skin care, massage therapy and laser treatments, the Skin Health & Laser Center has a separate entrance located next door to our Plastic Surgery Center. Enter through the door marked Suite 15, and proceed upstairs to Suites 1532 A & B.

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